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Why Choose Timon & Pumbaa?

At T&P we pritorize providing children a healthier life style and a new way of living their life in a more fresh and active one.


Providing both, professional nutritionists and life coaches for children to make sure they have a healthy body and mental state


Awareness sessions for the parents to strengthen their relationship with their childs and how to deal with them efficiently.


Motivate childrens and encourage them to have a healthy life style and to be involved in social life activities without being shy or ashamed of their bodies.

What We Offer


We provide your child a nutrition counseling to assess your kids nutrition needs , provide education including practical tips to meet his/her nutrition needs and to promote his/her body's potential towards health, wellness and disease prevention.

Kids sessions: Provide a personalized guide for kids taking into account family medical history and personal health concerns.

Parent sessions: Get inspiration for new, healthy recipes. can help inform whether your kids have any specific conditions that can be addressed, learn more about how their food choices affect their health,help you meet your kids weight loss/fitness goals.

Life coaching

Assisting children in supporting the development of their minds and thoughts to develop happiness, confidence, self-esteem, resilience, self-leadership, achievement, and much more to help them overcome any psychological issues related to their weight disorder problem and also taking care of their mental health.

Kids sessions: A life coach can help your child identify obstacles and set realistic goals to increase self-esteem by allowing your child to gain access to a wide variety of tools that will help them to reach their full potential. This can include learning to be more organized, taking personal responsibility, learning positive ways to be socially engaged, as well as balancing school, social activities, family life, and a job if they have one. And also influencing them on how to love and accept themselves and their bodies.

Kids and parents sessions: A life coach can also help with the implementation of skills that will improve relationships between kids and parents, build effective communication between them.


A large part of parenting is supporting children to reach their potential , uncover what their passions and goals might be, and help them work towards different avenues of success in ways that are meaningful.

Coaching sessions: Helping parents understand the emotions that exist behind their children’s ‘weight-disorder problem’ and the related behaviors.

Awarness group sessions: Explaining parental stereotypes, and how these stereotypes influence emotional development in children, give parents tips about how to deal with their children and the right way to encourage them and give them confidence in themselves to obtain their weight target.

Our Pricing

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1- Nutrition Session

1.1 - Kids session
- Per session (250)
- Per month (850) “ 4 sessions per month”
1.2 - Parents session
- Per session (250)
- Per month (850) “ 4 sessions

2 - Life Coaching Session

2.1 - Kids session
- Per session (400)
- Per month (700) “ two sessions per month”
2.2 - Kids and parents session
- Per session (400)
- Per month (700) “ two sessions per month”

3 - Parenting Session

3.1 - Coaching session
- Per session (400)
- Per month (1000) “ 3 sessions per month”
3.2 - Awareness group sessions
- (800) Per month “3 sessions per month”

Packages and offers

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About Us

  • Who are we?

    We are a group of adults who faced issues in their childhood and we were in need to talk to someone else rather than our parents so we decided to search deeply in this field and to take action to help children in their entire life so they become well psychologically created. childhood is a huge essential part in formation of children manners and behavior as this reflects on their attitudes as they grow up.


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Cairo Governorate, Egypt